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Commercial Property Damage

All types of damages that are normally covered under residential property insurance, can be covered under a proper commercial policy.  An important point to remember is that many commercial properties are being leased/rented. Whether you are the landlord or a tenant, please pay special attention to tenant improvements which may require additional insurance. We encourage you to review and update your commercial property insurance accordingly.


Impact by Riot / Civil Commotion

Those of us who have witnessed one riot or a civil uprising, do not want to be part of another, yet these are the realities of life. If at any time your property is damaged due to such a tragedy, we can be by your side helping you rapidly revive your life back to normal.


Impact by Vehicle or Aircraft

Although we would all like to live out our lives without such impacts, the unfortunate truth is that many homes suffer damages caused by vehicles in motion, small or commercial aircrafts, and/or explosions. In case of such an event, we can immediately be by your side assisting with arrangement of emergency services, consult you in removing necessities if moving out, content sorting and pack up, assisting in a temporary rental. Our RAPID response to an emergency is what sets us apart from others in the same field.


Broken Glass

Sounds simple enough to avoid, but many accidents happen during such simple things as  child’s play. A broken glass can cause additional damage to your furniture or flooring both of which would be covered under the proper policy. Hoping that no individual suffers harm during such an accident, we will assist you in getting proper compensation to conduct all the necessary repairs.


Electrical Damage

Many fires are caused by short fuses or artificially generated electrical currents. In case of such an accident, you will have our expertise to rely on while all the damage is being evaluated for your claim.


Theft / Burglary

***SPECIAL NOTE: regular insurance plans cover only $2,500 for theft. If you do not have specific Theft Policy, then after the deductible is taken out, there isn’t much money left to recover the stolen goods. What is normally covered by a regular insurance plan during a theft, are the damages your property sustains during forced entry, and such.

We strongly recommend updating your insurance plan to include Theft coverage after completing a full inventory of assets to be included.


Broken Heater, AC, or Appliance

As you are probably aware of, both Heating and Cooling Systems excrete water as part of their function. A malfunction in either system, can be the cause of reversal and/or overflowing of that water into your residence. Also, a common issue with those units is sudden tearing or bulging of the actual unit. If you are a victim of such a mishap, our experts will guide you through the short and effective process of getting it resolved.


Earthquake Damage


Earthquakes can cause fires, water damage, collapses, content damage, etc.. Unfortunately, the insurance company will deny your claim as a “fire damage” or a “water damage” if the initial cause of it was an earthquake. Protect your property by adequately insuring it. If the inevitable happens, our trained and experienced experts will be by your side to help you revive.


Hail Damage

Although hail damages are similar to rain damages, a common issue that can be overlooked is that hail can first puncture your roof, and by gathering in a particular area and melting over time, can slowly leak into the insides of your property. Our experts can identify these damages while they are at minimum.


Lightning Damage

Common damages caused by lightning are fallen trees and electrical wires which sometimes end up igniting and being the cause of fires. Although lightning is not preventable, certain damages caused by it are. Please check the conditions of electrical wiring around your property on a regular basis, but especially, after a lightning storm.

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