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Some people ask: “What results should I expect?” or “Why hire a Public Adjuster when I can speak to the insurance company myself?” The answer is simple. Although accidents happen every day, they don’t all happen to you. You may experience one or a few accidents or disasters throughout your entire lifetime. We handle accidents and disasters every single day. This is what we do! If you had encountered an illness, you would seek the help and advice of a doctor. If you had a brush up with the law, you would seek the help and advice of an attorney. If it is your property that needs to be remedied, why would you “self-medicate”? You wouldn’t. You would look for a professional in that field. That’s where we come in. A Public Adjuster is a California Certified Professional who, by law, represents your interests. Insurance companies are equipped with experienced personnel, specialists, and experts that do this every day. It is our job as a Public Adjuster to provide you with a service that is on par with your insurance company’s, or better. Our experts are able to question and challenge the insurance company’s expert’s opinions. Our specialists represent your interests while tackling the terminology, the rules, the laws, and the policies that are associated with the insurance field. Simply stated, our knowledge and expertise allow us to adjust the scales to your favor and to make things fair. Insurance companies are in business to make money. So, you wouldn’t be surprised that many insurance companies may not have your best interest at heart. In fact, it is in their best interest to resolve the case with minimum compensation whenever possible. And here’s where the role of a Public Adjuster becomes necessary: SOMEONE WHO IS ON YOUR SIDE!


Our promise is that we handle each case like we would handle our own. Being a family based business, we put great importance on family life, values, peace, and well being of everyone. We understand how even a small accident can cause great disturbance in the family routine. Also, having run several successful businesses for many years, we understand the importance of the uninterrupted work routine. After a household or a business is stricken with an accident or a natural disaster, it is of utmost importance to stabilize the situation and to minimize its impact on the daily lives of the involved - whether it is family members or employees. Now, the truth is that after every accident or disaster clean up is possible and usually gets done. Our commitment to this process is the swiftness with which we make it happen. Any calamity can leave a person shaken and, therefore, unable to focus on the task at hand. As soon as our experts show up, they provide you with necessary guidance to avoid additional complications. Depending on the type of a disaster you have encountered, we can make recommendations about emergency services, consult you in removing necessities if moving out, assist in rental, and much much more. We do our best to make sure that no aspect of your life impacted by an accident gets overlooked. No two cases are the same. Each incident has its own characteristics which have to be addressed. That is the reason that there is no simple formula in coming up with resolution. Instead, we give you our promise that every available resource from our company will be deployed to simplify your life during the resolution process. One way we do that is our payment structure. We DO NOT charge you any fees ahead of resolution. We understand that accidents create financial holes in family and/or business budgets. Our commitment to you is to represent your case and bring it to resolution before you need to pay for our services. WE DON’T GET PAID UNTIL AND UNLESS YOU GET PAID!


Our process begins with a proper evaluation. If your property has sustained any sort of a damage due to an accident or a natural disaster, your one phone call to us will get the process started. We will provide you with a NO-Obligation FREE Consultation. After our evaluation of damages is completed and the determination is that you need representation, you have the option to continue working with us. Your decision to proceed with our services, will put the gears in motion. Our experts will handle everything else: *Contact your insurance company *File a claim *Help you get a clean-up team to stop the damages (drying, board up, content protection, mold prevention, etc.) *Personally meet with all adjusters *Personally meet with all specialists *Carry out all necessary negotiations *Handle check endorsements with banks *Follow up with necessary appointments *Follow up with the insurance company *Follow up with the emergency services teams *Follow up with specialist(s) *And whatever else your special case may entail What you need to do after hiring us, is very minimal: provide your insurance policy, proof of expenses, receipts, and such. In the event that you have already filed a claim, upon hire, we take over that claim, begin representation immediately, and relieve you of the headaches that you’d rather avoid. During this process, we apply our expertise of over 24 years in the construction industry, which is the most essential knowledge necessary in determining all the damages. In addition, our experts have experience as certified home inspectors permitting them another dimension while assessing those damages. The second part of our team consists of experienced office personnel who manage your claim while the experts are handling the field. With both these teams hard at work, we reach resolution. Keep in mind, WE DON’T GET PAID UNTIL AND UNLESS YOU GET PAID”.


Our company’s core is its founder, Zareh Galajyan. The words “American dream” have become a cliche, yet there are no better words to describe the experience and lifetime achievements that have delivered him to this position. Mr. Galajyan has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. After working for many years at different companies, he founded Dream House Construction and has been a licensed contractor since 2001 (#B94247). To set a good foundation for his construction knowledge, he became an ICBO Certified Building inspector in 1997 (#1074817-10). The combination of these two provided him with many rewarding years in both fields. Although successful and content with his profession, he continued to encounter situations with clients that left him uneasy. These situations were all very similar: time and again he found his clients faced with repairs that were related to an accident or a disaster they were trying to recover from. The pattern he noticed was how little the homeowners or business owners were being reimbursed in order to complete the repairs. He realized that while the insurance companies were equipped with experts in every required field, the homeowners were basically faced with a situation they could never win...unless they had representation. Motivated by the possibility of assisting his clients further, he continued his education while simultaneously running his construction business until, finally, in 2010 he became a Licensed Public Adjuster (#2H26809). In addition, he also became an Xactimate Certified Estimator to keep the competitive edge with insurance companies. Powered by his unique combination of expertise he is able to do an in debt and thorough inspection of damages, he is able to evaluate the actual cost of construction necessary for recovery, and is able to present your insurance company with a meticulously detailed case for the damages your property and the contents have sustained. Each and every case represented by Rapid Revive Public Adjusters passes under the watching eyes of Mr. Galajyan whether he is the assigned adjuster to the case or not.
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